About us

In 1998, El-Razi was founded by a selection of Arab specialists in the fields of medicine and alternative medicine – exclusively for children. The founders' goal was to face and change societal misunderstandings and misconceptions about disabled children. In addition, El-Razi provides professional treatments for the disabled.

El-Razi was the first center of its kind to group a professional staff from different disciplines. It has always sought to diagnose disabled children and young adults, and develop innovative remedies that suit the Arab community in full coordination and cooperation with all relative bodies, especially with government and health departments, local authorities and civil society organizations.

Today, El-Razi works in 115 local authorities all over the country in full cooperation with the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services; and with the Ministry of Health. The center has various special projects, including:

Diagnosis centers for people with developmental cognitive disability, rehabilitation daycares for children with developmental disabilities, as well as treatment units. Throughout the years, the center has provided nearly 50 thousand treatments in the treatment units, various services for nearly 1500 children in daycares, and has supervised over 20 thousand diagnoses in the diagnosis centers, in addition to providing thousands of hours of guidance for staffs and people.

Moreover, El-Razi operates a center for the diagnosis and treatment of learning disability. It has also developed a model for diagnosing adult native speakers of Arabic.

The center is considered to be the mecca of mental diagnosis and treatments of Arab children. It works with social groups who are at risk and suffering from distress, especially young boys and girls, by seeking to establish therapeutic frameworks and preparing precautionary programs in the Arab community.

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