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This available-to-all website is the fruit of our deep belief in the necessity of communication with the broad public in general and with the relevant public in particular. It is an additional tool to deepen public awareness and to emphasize the necessity for making an awareness change in the way we deal with "the other". This is significant especially for those who live among us and need our professional and humane support, so they may adapt to the daily societal life in its broad sense. 

This is what EL-Razi has already put in mind 20 years ago when it was founded.

First and foremost, El-Razi is a mission!

It is a way for building a better world.

A world that is safe and supportive, in which every person could use their latent potentialities.

A world in which every person could feel their personal disability and limitations with confidence and safety.

For every person has a disability,

Every person, too, has inner light and distinctive capabilities.

Every person has a life course… and a dream

That they could reach self-realization and fulfill their dreams if they believe in themselves, and grow to be aware of their strengths; if they are in a safe and supportive world, or at least in a world that does not obstruct their natural thrust towards a better future.

The only thing needed is to make a decision, to plan and work steadily… with patience…

Therefore, we are here…

We are here to guide, support and set an example.

In the way towards building this better world, there are some challenges. This is only natural. Sometimes, one feels despair when facing unexpected difficulties. This is normal and legitimate.

El-Razi works in more than 115 local authorities, municipalities and welfare departments all over a wide geographical area, from north to south. This creates even more challenges.

It requires a great deal of extra work for raising awareness and professional collaboration in certain areas with distinctive cultural and social features.

We are partners in all of this. In fact, often times, we lead the change.

El-Razi stands on the front as one of you.

El-Razi is a staff of employees, professionals and directors who work together filled with a sense of belonging; guided by honesty, integrity and transparency.

We are that staff; a staff so remarkable, 80% of its members are women: nurses, therapists, directors, and leaders with a high level of trust, professionalism, belonging and responsibility.

We are the management of this institution, which could well be the only active institution that is not seen as a "family business".

13% of the staff are employees who so closely know what disability is. In fact, they deal with it on a daily basis, not only as employees and therapists, but also as mothers and fathers, as sisters and brothers, as daughters and sons in their homes.

El-Razi is this cultural mix that comes to us from nearly 45 towns and cities from north to south: from Arrabah, Tel Aviv, Rahat, Rishon Lezion, Hod Hasharon, Sakhnin, Haifa, Nazareth, Yavneh, Gadot, Sheikh Dannoun and other places.

This staff regenerates its energy whenever it gives more. This staff takes its energy from children: an energy that keeps growing as the job is nearly finished.

For working in El-Razi fills us with energy all the time.

During our work, we only see similes spreading around while being fully aware that we live in an imperfect world and that there must be some mistakes.

We have always welcomed criticism from our partners. Criticism makes us learn, for learning from our mistakes is a strength.

We have always respected every constructive note. We contain every father's scream, every mother's complaint, and say "thank you"… "Thank you for allowing us to be the address for your expression and for your trust that we will embrace you with all the love that we have for you.

And indeed, every single time was a success.
Even after the problem has reached its limits, and no therapist, no employee could stand in its face… even when they cried in silence…

We know how to support our heroes too.

Leading the change has its own price.

What counts is facing the difficulties and witnessing of the outcome.

El-Razi is about the smiles that feed us; it is about every warm expression that we receive from a father; it is every tear of happiness from the eyes of a mother when she witnesses her child making his first steps…

It is a hero who remains on stand-by; a hero who never sleeps, who is always awake… who has hope; a hero who is never tired; a hero who is always ready to give a touch of love and plant a warm kiss on the forehead.

It is you, parents…

With you, we will always be what we wish to be.

Never forget: first, we must wish… to dream, so we may become what we wish to be.

Dr. Ali Badarneh

El-Razi, General Manager

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