Diagnosis centers for people with developmental cognitive disability in Arrabah and Ararah serving the Arab community. In Be'r Sheva', and recently, in Lod and Karmiel, the centers started providing their services to both Jewish and Arab communities. These centers are all recognized by the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services. Ever since the establishment of El-Razi, 20 thousand diagnoses where supervised in these centers.

Rehabilitation daycares for children with developmental disabilities in Arrabah and Rahat with a capacity of 90 children; with an additional rehabilitation daycare for children with autism in Rahat – which includes 16 children.

Developmental therapeutic units in which treatments are provided for children who suffer from developmental delays in the fields of alternative medicine; such as speech therapy, occupational therapy and physical therapy. Over the years, nearly 50 thousand treatments were provided in these units.

 A center for the diagnosis and treatment of learning disability: the center has developed a special model for therapeutic involvement with children within its own vision of examining language and culture features in the Arab community and its traditions.

Developing a model for diagnosing adult native speakers of Arabic who suffer from learning disability, in full cooperation with the University of Haifa. Details on the project.

The center is the mecca of mental diagnosis and treatments of Arab children, especially those who suffer from head injuries and post-traumatic stress disorder – such as being victims of road accidents. 

The center works with social groups who are at risk and suffering from distress, especially young boys and girls, by seeking to establish therapeutic frameworks, preparing precautionary programs in the Arab community, providing them with educational and rehabilitation skills, and supporting their position in society. 

The center provides hundreds of hours for the guidance of staffs and people every year.

يَسرُنا ان تملأ بياناتك: الإسم - البريد الإكتروني، لكي يصلك كل الجديد حول "مركز الرازي لتأهيل الاطفال"