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This available-to-all website is the fruit of our deep belief in the necessity of communication with the broad public in general and with the relevant public in particular. It is an additional tool to deepen public awareness and to emphasize the necessity for making an awareness change in the way... Read More

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"Elrazi Magazine" is a periodical, professional and educational magazine which is published by "Elrazi Rehabilitation Center"

  • 1998

    Establishment of "ElRazi".

  • 1999

    Opening the "Developmental Unit" in Arraba.

  • 2000

    Opening the first Diagnosis & Assessment Center - Arraba.

  • 2003

    Opening the "Rehabilitation Day Care Center" in Arraba.

  • 2006

    Opening the "Rehabilitation Day Care Center" in Rahat.

  • 2011

    Opening the "Diagnosis Center" in Ararah.

  • 2012

    Opening the "Diagnosis Center" in Beer Elsabea.

  • 2015

    Opening the "Autism Day Care Center" in Rahat.

  • 2017

    Opening the" Diagnosis Center" in Lod.

  • 2018

    Opening the "Diagnosis Center" in Karmiel.


Diagnosises in the "Diagnosis Centers".


Children in the "Rehabilitation Day Care Centers".


Treatments in the "Treatment Unit".

*We offer our services starting from Algolan area to Eilat.

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